Five Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Facebook

Marketing in today’s socially-engaged world can be a challenge. You still have a finite budget and amount of time to manage, and you still want to maintain your traditional advertising and marketing channels, the ones that have performed for you for years.

But there’s also no denying the surge of audience engagement on social media sites, engagement that could help drive prospects and clients to your front door (whether virtually or in person). Now more than ever, Facebook makes sense for even the most traditional brick-and-mortar business… and crucial for an online business. Here’s why:

  1. Your customers are on Facebook

According to, Facebook is a powerhouse of customer visits, rivaling only Google. Through April 2018, Google remained the most visited website with more than 177.77 million US visitors. During the same month, Facebook accumulated 149.21 million unique US visitors. That’s a lot of eyes on the page.

  1. Your customers are staying on Facebook

Unlike Google, which features a quick search-and-release model, the Facebook visitor remains on the site longer. As reported by in July, 2018, Facebook users worldwide spend an average of 20+ minutes per day on the site. Those users spend their time either liking or sharing other posts, or scrolling through status updates. And according to Facebook in a Q2 2018 address to its shareholders, US users spend up to forty minutes per day on the site. Even if that number has decreased over the past year, that’s still a lot of time on a site where you can reach them.

  1. Your customers want to engage (and refer/advise/help)

Today’s referral economy has created an environment where people simply feel better if someone recommends a service to them. It’s not unusual for a potential customer to spend an hour researching reviews on a $50 hair dryer… using the opinion of complete strangers to inform his or her buying decision. Alternatively, when a customer has an exceptionally good or bad experience, the ability to share that experience is as easy as clicking on their phone and hitting “post.”

As you consider the reasons why users go to—and remain—on Facebook, it becomes easier to see how Facebook can be helpful for you and your business. No one thinks of Facebook as a shopping engine, but there is a significant amount of brand recommendation/brand building that happens simply among friends sharing the events of their day. You can’t become an active part of that conversation if you’re not an active part of the Facebook community.

  1. Low-cost Facebook advertising helps you reach more potential clients, quickly and efficiently

Beyond having a page and “fans” and interacting organically, a key benefit of Facebook for small businesses is the ability to create targeted advertisements for users that are intended to convey your company’s value and benefits—or how you can help them. Importantly, however, the focus of Facebook is engagement, not cold purchasing transactions. The more authentically helpful (and emotionally compelling) your message, the more engagement you are likely to drive. Then, once your message is set and your ad goes live, Facebook has powerful tracking tools to help you keep your costs low and your advertising campaigns effective.

  1. It’s easy to get started.

Creating a Facebook business page is a straightforward process, and maintaining it—while it will require time, consistency, and a focused brand message—is simple. At Casali Creative, we can design a complete social media strategy that makes sense for your business and your staff, and help you reach more potential clients through the use of targeted Facebook advertising. To learn more about our work or customize a solution for your needs, contact us.