The Key to Marketing Success? Consistency!

Marketing plays a significant role in your success, whether you run a Fortune 500 company or own a small business that morphed out of your favorite hobby. Spreading the word about your organization and branding yourself really can make or break you.

Something that many small business owners fail to realize is that marketing is like exercise. You have to do it regularly and consistently in order to see results. Hitting the treadmill once or twice per month isn’t going to whip you into bodybuilder shape. Haphazard marketing techniques aren’t going to do much for your bottom line.

Make a Good Impression

Have you ever seen an Employee of the Month board at a local supermarket or fast food restaurant? It’s nice to see hardworking employees get recognized for their efforts. It can be an effective method of showcasing talent and dedication when a worker’s name and photo is on display for every month of the year.

However, when the board is somewhat sporadic – for example, names and photos are missing for February, June, September, and November – customers assume that the company isn’t really putting much effort into their employee recognition plan.

Consistency Creates Authenticity

This is also true for a company’s social media accounts and other marketing efforts. Do you have a Facebook page and Twitter account but haven’t updated either in weeks, or maybe even months? Are your Pinterest boards sparse, especially when compared to your competitors? You aren’t giving off a great first impression to anyone who finds your business online.

The same standards apply to your blog or website. Fresh content not only helps your search engine results – making you easier to find online – it creates a sense of authenticity about your brand. In most consumers’ eyes, a business that takes the time and effort to maintain a website or blog and social media accounts is legitimately concerned about their reputation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Another common mistake that many business owners make is trying to do absolutely everything themselves. Always remember that it’s okay to ask for help from employees, or even outsource certain projects to a third party.

A marketing firm can be the proverbial lifesaver when it comes to advertising efforts. Regularly updated marketing materials and consistent social media posts will give you the ability to put your best face forward, creating a sense of authenticity about your business and brand!