The Power of a Great Logo Design

Quick, what do you think of when I say the brand names “Nike” or “Apple” or “Starbucks?” Chances are, one of the images that came to mind was the brand’s logo or logo icon—in the case of these brands, the distinctive swish or understated apple or mermaid.

Great logos that evolve to brand icons aren’t by accident… especially if the very first logo for those brands isn’t quite perfect. In fact, whether you’re starting from scratch, or rebranding now that your product has started to take off, or going in an entirely new direction for your business, having a committed team of creative collaborators can help ensure that your logo does the sole job it’s intended to do:

Sell your product.

Anyone who’s ever worked in corporate marketing knows that random logo design happens: the owner’s spouse comes up with a logo idea, and the owner wants to use THAT design, no matter what. The marketing team is so bleary-eyed trying to choose from fifteen different designs, with a product going to market immediately, that logo #3 gets chosen out of desperation because everyone hates it the least.

It happens, yes. But rarely are those the logos that go on to truly connect with customers and stakeholders. Rarely are those the logos that people choose as part of their own brand story. And rarely are those the logos that help you sell your product.

And that’s a shame. Because it’s a missed opportunity, particularly in today’s crowded market. Simply stated, great logos help sell more of your product. Good logos or “so-so” logos…don’t.

Logos aren’t supposed to simply look pretty or be symmetrical, or fit tidily on a pen. A logo is a shorthand advertising device that fixes your Brand so firmly in the mind of your consumer that it becomes synonymous with the experience of your product. When consumers see your logo, they can either recall a great experience OR they can imagine a future experience based on the brand associations they’ve made with your company. It’s a simple, visceral, A to B connection.

If you’ve already worked hard to create an outstanding product or user experience, then adding a great logo to represent you and your products will help you sell more of them.

“No, sweat,” you might be thinking. “There are a dozen different websites out there that can help me with logo design. I’ll match up a cool image with my business name, and I’ll be set!”

Well, not exactly.

A logo that doesn’t work every bit as hard as your product does will simply…look good. It might not hurt you, but it won’t help you. It won’t spark that A to B connection. On the other hand, a logo that is thoughtfully designed to express the heart and soul of your brand—whether in the fonts used, the logo icon chosen, or the colors selected—will fix itself solidly in the minds and emotions of your customers, employees, stakeholders and business partners.

Now more than ever, that’s what you want. That’s what you need. Not just a good logo… a great logo. A logo that will help you sell your product.

Does your logo make the cut?