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We know small businesses because we are one. Our goal at Casali Creative is to move your business forward and upward with marketing while still maintaining your company’s personality. If you don’t like it, you can’t sell it.


Our unique approach allows your business the flexibility to hire Casali Creative for one project, many jobs or to enhance or reboot your entire marketing plan. We deliver it all without the cost or responsibility of hiring a big agency.


Casali Creative likes pretty things. However, we also like success stories. We deliver big ideas with measurement of success based on your goals. Our creative energy goes into how you define results whether it’s leads, hits, sales, brand awareness or all of the above.


Casali Creative is a boutique marketing agency built to make your small business or start-up better. It’s that simple. We work with the little guys (and gals) without the need for a long-term commitment.

Nicole Casali Joseph started Casali Creative after working for successful start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. She has more than 20 years of a diverse level of leadership experience in marketing and sales. Since 2008, Casali Creative has helped small companies with big picture thinking to take their sales and goals to the next level.

Marketing isn’t rocket science. But it’s also not as simple as a website and a brochure anymore. At Casali Creative, we believe that consistent and effective marketing both online, in print and in person wins the race. You just have to be willing to say Go!

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The Power of Passwords

If your web developer suddenly moved to Turkey and you needed to change some text on your website, could you do it? If you paid a now closed-down agency months ago to put up a website for you and it was hacked by a Polish porn company, would you be able to get it cleaned and back up? Do you have a restaurant menu from 2009 on your website that you can’t update so you are constantly hearing complaints from customers about the new prices that do not match the online menu?

These are true stories of existing clients that contacted us because they did not know how to get into their own website.

Putting the time, money and effort into building a website and not getting all the log-ins, passwords and back-up files is like signing a lease on new office space and not getting the key. A website and online identity is yours not your developers. Even if you don’t know how to access it and update it yourself, you still should get the information in case you ever need to.

So what do you ask for?

Hosting – Most importantly, get the login for your hosting account. Your website host provides space for your site on the Internet at a monthly or annual rate. If you have nothing else, this can help your new developer get into the backend of your account and change and update passwords on everything else, including email. An example of a hosting company is GoDaddy or HostGator.

If your developer tells you that it would be less expensive and easier for them to host it themselves, don’t do it. Hosting companies like GoDaddy offer hosting at around $5 a month and this is usually more than sufficient for small to medium sized businesses. In fact, we recommend signing up and paying for hosting yourself and allowing your developer access to the account as needed.

Domain – See above. Reserve it and pay for it yourself in one place like GoDaddy so that you can control the renewal of the domain, as you want to keep it.

Website – If you have a site on WordPress, HTML or any other type of website, get the login for the site. And make sure you are set up as an administrator or at least obtain the administrative password.

Social Media – Even if you are not the one who tweets, tags or blogs on behalf of your company, get the password or access to the different social media accounts that represent your brand. And if you are the owner, do not allow an employee to create the accounts under their own email address. If they leave, you may not be able to access the accounts.

Online Advertising – If you outsource to an agency to advertise online with Google Adwords or any other PPC (pay per click) opportunity, make sure they are working from an account that you set up or that you have administrative access.

Anything Else – Start a file today with any and all passwords that relate to your company even if you completely trust your agency or web developer. Obtain all of the above passwords listed and anything else you can think of from online email accounts and other accessible profiles. And while you are at it, run a search for your company online. You might see that you have a profile online that you were not aware was ever set up by a former employee or even yourself long ago. Keep tabs on what is out there.

And the same goes for passwords as it does for logos and other files. If you hire a designer to create a logo or any other creative for your company, ask for the files in the design and print format, even if you do not know how to update them yourselves.

If you are ever in a bind and need help accessing your website for minor or major changes, Casali Creative can help. And we promise we will always give you your login information and passwords.

The Key to Marketing Success? Consistency!

Marketing plays a significant role in your success, whether you run a Fortune 500 company or own a small business that morphed out of your favorite hobby. Spreading the word about your organization and branding yourself really can make or break you.

Something that many small business owners fail to realize is that marketing is like exercise. You have to do it regularly and consistently in order to see results. Hitting the treadmill once or twice per month isn’t going to whip you into bodybuilder shape. Haphazard marketing techniques aren’t going to do much for your bottom line.

Make a Good Impression

Have you ever seen an Employee of the Month board at a local supermarket or fast food restaurant? It’s nice to see hardworking employees get recognized for their efforts. It can be an effective method of showcasing talent and dedication when a worker’s name and photo is on display for every month of the year.

However, when the board is somewhat sporadic – for example, names and photos are missing for February, June, September, and November – customers assume that the company isn’t really putting much effort into their employee recognition plan.

Consistency Creates Authenticity

This is also true for a company’s social media accounts and other marketing efforts. Do you have a Facebook page and Twitter account but haven’t updated either in weeks, or maybe even months? Are your Pinterest boards sparse, especially when compared to your competitors? You aren’t giving off a great first impression to anyone who finds your business online.

The same standards apply to your blog or website. Fresh content not only helps your search engine results – making you easier to find online – it creates a sense of authenticity about your brand. In most consumers’ eyes, a business that takes the time and effort to maintain a website or blog and social media accounts is legitimately concerned about their reputation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Another common mistake that many business owners make is trying to do absolutely everything themselves. Always remember that it’s okay to ask for help from employees, or even outsource certain projects to a third party.

A marketing firm can be the proverbial lifesaver when it comes to advertising efforts. Regularly updated marketing materials and consistent social media posts will give you the ability to put your best face forward, creating a sense of authenticity about your business and brand!

5 Big Benefits of Converting Your HTML Website to WordPress

A company’s website is a critical aspect of its success. Whether it’s Fortune 500 Company or a home business run out of someone’s garage, customers and potential customers are on the Internet. If you have a website, you may feel like you’re ahead of the game. In some cases that’s true, but keeping your website fresh and current is also important. If your site hasn’t been updated in years, it could be doing more harm than good.

Some older websites – and yes, even some newer ones, too – were created using HMTL code. While HTML is still a standard programming language that’s used to create web pages, a WordPress website gives users the ability to make changes and updates without relying on a programmer or other tech superstar.

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). WordPress templates come in hundreds if not thousands of designs. Many people hear “WordPress” and instantly think of blogging, but WordPress websites are not limited to ones that deal with parenting, fashion, or recipes! In fact, many websites you visit regularly are WordPress sites.

Switching from HTML to WordPress offers numerous benefits. Here are just a few of many:

  1. You don’t need to know how to write code. WordPress really is easy to learn in a relatively short period of time. (Really! There wouldn’t be so many WordPress sites out there if it was impossible to figure out!)
  2. Make updates and changes yourself. Fresh content helps keep a website current and enjoyable for visitors. The ability to post blogs and articles quickly or make other minor changes yourself – usually within minutes – probably means you will be more likely to keep your website up-to-date.
  3. Publish photos and videos easily. Photos and videos make text-heavy articles and blog posts much more appealing and interesting. It’s possible to insert pictures and videos yourself, without waiting for a programmer or designer to do it for you.
  4. Improve your search engine rankings. Search engine crawlers are able to read and index WordPress websites’ content easily. There are also several settings and plug-ins that can be used to help improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Wouldn’t you like to improve your Google rankings and show up in results lists before your competitors do?
  5. It’s cost-effective. When you’re able to make website changes and publish new content yourself, you’ll wind up saving time and money. You will no longer have to contact someone more “technical” to post articles, photos, or videos for you.

Even if your company does not sell any of its products or services online, a modern, current website is a key to your continued success. It may be tempting to take the “If it’s not broke, why fix it?” approach to your existing website. While there’s nothing wrong with HTML websites, converting your existing website to a WordPress site will give you more control and flexibility over your Web presence and ultimately your brand and its reputation.

If you have an existing HTML website and would like to convert it to WordPress, Casali Creative can take care of it. We have converted multiple sites in just a few days. The cost is minimal and you can maintain control of your own updates. We can help out when you need it from optimization to online advertising (PPC).

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